Thursday, July 5, 2012

Some Frustration and Discouragement

I haven't had my acupuncture for over a month. I'm starting to really feel it. I can tell now that it was what made the difference in my energy level, and lower pain level. So, now that I've gone over a month without, I'm not able to jog much at all. My doctor finished her residency in May, and won't begin practicing at her new location until September. I thought I could maybe wait for her, but it seems I need to continue getting the acupuncture from someone else until she begins. Tuesday, I did lots of walking. I took my girls with me to the bank, the store, then the half mile walk to the playground. Then we played. Then we walked/hobbled home. Yesterday, we went to Tony's grandparents' for a 4th of July picnic. So, we basically grazed and visited all day. Today, I hurt so much that I'll be taking a little nap as soon as I finish this post. I'll be making some phone calls this afternoon to figure out to whom/where to go. Please pray for me! I don't want to postpone my well-being!

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